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This page lists my original projects. To see my solutions to coding challenges, freeCodeCamp, and other ventures, click here.


42: Wiki.
Source [Docusaurus, Algolia DocSearch (previously mdBook)]
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www: Homepage.
Source [Gatsby (previously Hakyll)]
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config: Dotfiles.
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LFP Library: Browse the Lex Fridman Podcast with stats, categories, and books mentioned on the episodes.
[Gatsby, Tailwind CSS, Algolia, React Table, styled-components, Chart.js]
pl-sort: Webapp/Browser addon to sort YouTube playlists by various metrics.
Source [React, YouTube Data API v3]
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pwizard: Cryptographically secure pass(word|phrase) generator and strength tester.
Source [React, zxcbvn]
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Inviduration: Firefox add-on to view total duration of playlists on Invidio.us instances.
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20: SVG and PNG visualizations for Rubik's Cube algs.
The Moss Archives: Live versions of fictional sites mentioned on "The IT Crowd"
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img: Wallpapers.
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