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Enabling Vim mode in all major graphical text editors

Oct 19, 2019 · 1 min read · Last updated: Oct 19, 2019

All major editors with a plugin ecosystem today allow you to enable or install vim emulation. Here are some plugins for the major ones.

VS Code

Install vscodevim (GitHub) plugin from the Marketplace.
VSCode Neovim (Source) is a more advanced plugin that provides embedded Neovim integration with custom init.vim and Vim plugins by using Neovim as the backend.

Sublime Text

Go to user settings (Settings > Preferences) and remove Vintage from ignored_packages array. Details can be found in the official Sublime Text docs.


Install the atom-vim-mode-plus (GitHub) plugin.

PyCharm/IntelliJ IDEA

Install IdeaVim (GitHub) plugin from the Marketplace.


Install Vrapper (GitHub) plugin from the Marketplace. I found a few other options on the web but they are either completely dead or closed-source projects.