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This page reads a JSON file that I use to track my reading list. For reviews, please visit my weblog.

Includes: Books, historically important manifestos, speeches, essays, short stories, papers, and audio dramas.
Excludes: Most reference works such as textbooks, dictionaries, atlases, and magazines.


This compilation includes some highly controversial works. I do not agree with or endorse every message expressed in these books—my interest in them is purely driven by curiosity.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. - Aristotle

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  • Ignition!: An informal history of liquid rocket propellants - John Drury Clark
  • *Claude Elwood Shannon: Collected Papers - Claude Shannon, Aaron D. Wyner (Editor), N.J.A. Sloane (Editor)
    • A mathematical theory of communication - 1948
    • Communication theory of secrecy systems - 1949
    • Analogue of the Vemam system for continuous time series
    • The best detection of pulses
    • (with B. M. Oliver and J. R. Pierce) The philosophy of PCM
    • Communication in the presence of noise
    • Communication theory - exposition of fundamentals
    • General treatment of the problem of coding
    • The lattice theory of information
    • Discussion of preceding three papers
    • Recent developments in communication theory
    • Prediction and entropy of printed English
    • Efficient coding of a binary source with one very infrequent symbol
    • Information theory
    • The zero error capacity of a noisy channel
    • Certain results in coding theory for noisy channels
    • Some geometrical results in channel capacity
    • A note on a partial ordering for communication channels
    • Channels with side information at the transmitter
    • Probability of error for optimal codes in a Gaussian channel
    • Coding theorems for a discrete source with a fidelity criterion
    • Two-way communication channels
    • (with R. G. Gallager and E. R. Berlekamp) Lower bounds to error probability for coding on discrete memoryless channels I
    • (with R. G. Gallager and E. R. Berlekamp) Lower bounds to error probability for coding on discrete memoryless channels II
    • Letter to Vannevar Bush
    • (with B. M. Oliver) Circuits for a P.C.M. transmitter and receiver
    • Some topics in information theory
    • Concavity of transmission rate as a function of input probabilities
    • The rate of approach to ideal coding
    • The bandwagon
    • A symbolic analysis of relay and switching circuits
    • Mathematical theory of the differential analyzer
    • The theory and design of linear differential equation machines
    • (With John Riordan) The number of two-terminal series-parallel networks
    • Network rings
    • A theorem on coloring the lines of a network
    • The synthesis of two-terminal switching circuits
    • (with H. W. Bode) A simplified derivation of linear least square smoothing and prediction theory
    • Programming a computer for playing chess - 1950
    • A chess-playing machine
    • Memory requirements in a telephone exchange
    • A symmetrical notation for numbers
    • A method of power or signal transmission to a moving vehicle
    • Presentation of a maze solving machine
    • A mind-reading (?) machine
    • The potentialities of computers
    • Throbac I
    • (with E. F. Moore) Machine aid for switching circuit design
    • Computers and automata
    • Realization of all 16 switching functions of two variables requires 18 contacts
    • (with D. W. Hagelbarger) A relay laboratory outfit for colleges
    • (edited jointly with John McCarthy) Automata Studies (Preface, etc.)
    • A universal Turing machine with two internal states
    • (with Karel de Leeuw, Edward F. Moore and N. Shapiro) Computability by probabilistic machines
    • Some results on ideal rectifier circuits
    • The simultaneous synthesis of s switching functions of n variables
    • (with D. W. Hagelbarger) Concavity of resistance functions
    • Game playing machines
    • (with Peter Elias and Amiel Feinstein) A note on the maximum flow through a network
    • (with Edward F. Moore) Reliable circuits using less reliable relays I
    • (with Edward F. Moore) Reliable circuits using less reliable relays II
    • Von Neumann's contributions to automata theory
    • Computers and automation - Progress and promise in the twentieth century
    • Claude Shannon's no-drop juggling diorama
    • Scientific aspects of juggling
    • The use of the Lakatos-Hickman relay in a subscriber sender
    • A study of the deflection mechanism and some results on rate finders
    • Backlash in overdamped systems
    • Some experimental results on the deflection mechanism
    • (with C. L. Dolph) The transient behavior of a large number of four-terminal unilateral linear networks connected in tandem
    • Review of "Transformations on Lattices and Structures of Logic" by Stephen A. Kiss
    • Review of "Cybernetics, or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine" by Norbert Wiener
    • Review of "Description of a Relay Calculator", by the staff of the [Harvard] Computation Laboratory
    • (with E. F. Moore) The relay circuit analyzer
    • (with E. F. Moore) The relay circuit synthesizer
    • An algebra for theoretical genetics
  • Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System - Satoshi Nakamoto
  • The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences - Eugene Wigner
  • Dubliners - James Joyce
    • The Sisters
    • An Encounter
    • Araby
    • Eveline
    • After the Race
    • Two Gallants
    • The Boarding House
    • A Little Cloud
    • Counterparts
    • Clay
    • A Painful Case
    • Ivy Day in the Committee Room
    • A Mother
    • Grace
    • The Dead
  • Short stories of Anton Chekhov - Anton Chekhov
  • Surreal Numbers - Donald E. Knuth
  • Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension - Matt Parker
  • The Art of Problem Solving, Volume 1: The Basics - Sandor Lehoczky, Richard Rusczyk
  • The Art of Problem Solving, Volume 2: And Beyond - Sandor Lehoczky, Richard Rusczyk
  • I Have a Dream - Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Physics of the Impossible - Michio Kaku
  • Second Foundation (Foundation #3) - Isaac Asimov
  • Fermat's Enigma - Simon Singh
  • My Inventions - Nikola Tesla
  • Cosmos - Carl Sagan
  • The C Programming Language (K&R) - Brian Kernighan, Dennis Ritchie
  • The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Astrophysics for People in a Hurry - Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Death by Black Hole - Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • The Black Hole War - Leonard Susskind
  • Zero to One - Peter Thiel
  • The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins
  • The Magic of Reality - Richard Dawkins
  • The Character of Physical Law - Richard Feynman
  • Cracking the Cube - Ian Scheffler
  • The Simple Solution to Rubik's Cube - James G. Nourse
  • +One Piece - Eiichiro Oda
  • The Dark Knight Returns - Frank Miller
  • The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy #2) - Douglas Adams