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A compilation of some features that I believe would enhance the usability of certain tools that I use. While I/others have already opened corresponding issues in the respective source repositories/forums, I'm awaiting them to be addressed.

?? - I can live without this/I'm not sure about this.

  • I wish all software programs would adopt the XDG Base Directory specification. It is frustrating that many programs store their configuration files in $HOME instead of placing them in the designated ~/.config directory, resulting in cluttered home directory.

  • Removal of m-dot URLs. As a heavy user of bookmarks on both desktop and mobile browsers, I have found that this system often disrupts my bookmark collection, needing manual URL editing when syncing across devices, not to mention confusion due to inconsistent URL schemes across versions of the same site. I wish to see these eliminated, especially on these sites:

    • Wikipedia
    • IMDb
    • YouTube
    • Facebook??
  • Firefox Desktop

    • Include "Mobile bookmarks" folder in HTML export.
      I have absolutely no idea why there is a need to exclude a folder from the export.
    • UI for switching profiles quickly??
  • Firefox Android

    • Pull to refresh
    • Remember last viewed bookmarks location
    • Add/View bookmark tags
    • Bookmarks search
    • Ability to reorder bookmarks (move entries up/down in a list)
  • Lichess

    • Multiple premoves??
    • W method for Bishop+Knight mate in /practice
  • mdBook

    • Page TOC (Currently available via plugin)
  • Docusaurus

    • Local search (Currently available via plugin)