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Text editors and IDEs

Last updated: Aug 5, 2020 ·
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Keyboard shortcuts for Linux

Ctrl-Shift-pOpen Command Palette.
Ctrl-,Open user settings.
Ctrl-bToggle Explorer.
Ctrl-Shift-dOpen Run and debug.
Ctrl-jToggle built-in terminal.
Ctrl-pOpen a file.
Ctrl-TabTab through open files.
Ctrl-\Move file to split windows.
Ctrl-fSearch/Replace in file.
Ctrl-Shift-fOpen Global Search.
Ctrl-/Toggle comment.
Shift-Alt-Up/DownDuplicate line.
Ctrl-ClickMultiple cursors.
Ctrl-dSelect word under the cursor.
Ctrl-Shift-lSelect all instances of a word.
Ctrl-ClickJump to function definition.
Ctrl-k zZen Mode.

Sublime Text

To enable Vim mode, go to user settings (Settings > Preferences) and remove Vintage from ignored_packages array.


  • Ctrl-;: Open emoji window.
  • F9: Toggle side panel.
  • Install Dracula theme
    mv dracula.xml $HOME/.local/share/gedit/styles/
    # Activate in gedit's preferences dialog.